Metin Akpınar Aydolap

Metin Akpınar Aydolap is one of the leading companies in the decoration and furniture groups sector with its own developed production methods, superior design power and experienced expert staff.

It has gained a leadership position in the sector in terms of design and production with the quality it provides in service, its research and development studies and its commercial reputation.

Metin Akpınar Aydolap, which was established in 1997 and continues its activities in its own production facilities in Istanbul, also offers a wide range of all patented products to your service. Metin Akpınar Aydolap has reinforced the production of decoration and furniture groups with its extensive knowledge and designs. It continues its services in many fields that it produces in line with the methods it has developed and in which it is an expert. Metin Akpınar Aydolap's philosophy since its establishment has been to maintain and develop its quality, reliable and competitive position in the domestic and foreign markets by developing its own design and production methods.

Person-Specific Production

With custom cabinets or furniture, we develop designs and produce in line with customer needs and tastes, through our experienced customer representatives ant the architects.

Mass Productions

With computer-aided (CNC) production machines, we are able to meet the demands of residential, hotel, office in large quantities.

Metin Akpınar Aydolap

Metin Akpınar Aydolap

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